Due to COVID-19 Equip Classes has been temporarily put on hold.

Every Sunday at 9:30am we have Equip Classes. We believe that everyone should be able to learn more about the Bible and the life of Jesus on every level. Here at Trinity Fellowship Church we offer classes from Nursery and Toddlers to Senior Adults.

Every Sunday


We want to make sure that there wasn't any reason why someone couldn't make it to our classes. Bring your little ones to Nursery where we will have someone there to help!


From K-2nd Grade we have Linda Dupont, not just watching them but teaching them the Bible!


We have Sharen Adams teaching 3rd-5th Graders. With fun activities and amazing stories they don't only have a great time but leave knowing that God loves them!


Lisa Kidwell helps with our Teen Girls, talking to them with real issues and seeing what the Word of God says about those matters.


Our very own Jim Baber teaches our Teen Boys. Here they learn how to build a fire, tie nots, but not just that, they learn character growth from the Bible.


Ralph Dixon leads our Adults class. You take a deep dive into the Word of God and see how a live the Word actually is.